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The AVATA Uniform

The first Physical and Digital Collection from AVATA

The AVATA uniform includes a simple black t shirt, shorts and socks, it is the first phygital collection to be released from AVATA . A symbol of the beginning of our brand and vision. We are inviting 222 visionaries to be a part of the founding membership of AVATA and form part of the future of the brand.

The physical t-shirt and shorts are made with 100% GOTS organic cotton from India with manufacturing and printing in the EU. Each items is wrapped in Avata packaging and is made in the most sustainable way possible.

The t-shirt features 2 front logos and 2 back logos. 2 + 2 = 22.

22 is the number of AVATA. The company was formed on 22.02.22.

The socks also include the number 01 22.

Number 22 carries the energy of duality, adaptability, insight, and selflessness. This high vibration number symbolizes turning your desires into reality – it’s about accomplishment on the highest level.

The Future of AVATA will be full of activations, events, and quality collections from fashion to home wear, our founding members will get first access to all that is AVATA.

The Avata Uniform is sold on the Crowdmuse protocol as an NFT collection, and includes the 3D digital file of the uniform spinning in space with the AVATA environment artwork.

The cutting edge technology behind The AVATA uniform brings greater transparency and ownership for contributors to this AVATA genesis collection. This means our founding members get to see where every penny of the t-shirt goes and how it supports the artists, the brand and the growth of the AVATA business.

The AVATA uniform is also interoperable across metaverses, which allows you to seamlessly wear the digital version of your AVATA t-shirt around any virtual world, starting with Ready Player Me and Decentraland.

Collection drops 01 22 2023


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