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Our collections are simple,

sustainable and phygital. 

We create products and experiences that effortlessly move between the physical and the digital. Everything is made when you order it, and we use only natural and organic materials.


Through collaborations with today's leading digital artists and designers, each product is made with purpose and comes with a unique proof of ownership and direct access to the  AVATA global community. 

Everyone is welcome to join us, step into the future.

AVATA Environment @Tookee

AV x Terry Gates | The Artist Edition

Our Artist Edition collections are in collaboration with today's leading artists and designers.

All products come with both a Physical item, a Digital wearable and a Digital Artwork as an NFT.  


Support artists, build an art collection and get comfortable.

Dropping on Friday, March 31st.

20220921015003_00006_1920622311-gigapixel-standard-scale-6_00x (1).jpg

The Artist Collection |

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