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Catch22 | AVATA's top 22 artists of 2022

From South Africa to Asia, USA to UK - these creatives are pioneering the future of digital art and fashion. Our top 22 represents artists we have had the pleasure to work with over the past year and and we feel it is important to take a moment to celebrate them and their incredible talent.

Why 22?

22 is the number of AVATA. The company was formed on 22.02.22.

Number 22 carries the energy of duality, adaptability, insight, and selflessness. This high vibration number symbolizes turning your desires into reality – it’s about accomplishment on the highest level.

The Catch22 top artist selection goes to...

(not in any order of importance)

1. Tookee @tookeeeee

2. Maalavidaa @maalavidaa

3. Nick Knight OBE @nick_knight

4. Steven Baltay @realimposter

5. Neo Deluxe@neodlx

6. Andreas Christidis @christidis.andreas

7. Skeeva @skeevaa

8. Kota Yamaji @kotayamaji

9. Future Positive @future__positive

10. Beryl Bilici @berylbilici

11. Gigi Gorlova @gigigorlova_

12. J Cabo

13. Shavonne Wong @shavonne.wong

14. Trendimensional @trendimensional

15. Jivomir Domoustchiev @jivomir.domoustchiev

16. Mochic @mochiofficial

17. Terry Gates @terrygates

18. Max Salzborn @maxsalzborn

19. Damara Inglês @damara_in_ctrl

20. James Mack @jamesmackk

21. King Debs @_king_debs.

22. DeNova

Follow their amazing work to support them into a New Year!


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