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Picnic - where digital fashion, art and music connect.

September 17th and 18th during London's Fashion Week 2022

Curated and produced by AVATA & MAD Global

Avata' presents Picnic, with over 40+ digital artists and fashion shows displayed across 23 meters of LED Screens at W1 in London.

Thank you to all the artists that exhibited with us for our first picnic event:

Stephy Fung

Neo Dlx


Jivomir Domoustchiev



Stephen Baltay

James Mack

The Fabricant

King Debs

Max Salzborn

Braw Haus

Immersive Kind

Masion Dao

Future Postive

Kota Yamaha

Superficial Studio

Tim Bret Day


12hrs of curated Digital Fashion and Art Shows by today's leading artists and designers.

A curated programme of talks and panels from business leaders, designers and visionaries from across the digital fashion landscape.

Produced and Curated by Avata and MAD Global


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